1. The soul of a murdered person is reincarnated back through the mothers family line.

2. For every child born; so is a celestial star.

3. Whoever solves the 11th commandment (i.e. Finds gods name) shall be his representative on earth.

4. The original painting of the last supper was painted 2000 years prior to the event happening.

5. God will reveal himself to all in the year 4995.

6. Adam and eve where hermaphrodites.

7. Our soul is a life form itself.

8. A soul can be lost; it can lose the ability to be reborn.

9. The anus is an exit, not an entrance. Medical procedure, via it is just condoned. Surgery; creating an alternative entrance is not condoned.

10. We can never be like god.

11. Jesus had mystical powers.

12. There is magic and mysticicism in the use of words and music. Few understand it. Some who do include the australian aborigine.

13. Animal and human links are closely involved with existence.

14. The previous great prophets / seers were the mayan, the egyptian, the roman and the chinese.

15. The killing of the children in india has to stop.

16. God can and does incarnate.

17. A person who is reincarnated because of being murdered, will have some feature, trait or scar in or on their persona from their previous incarnation.

18. A person who wilfully and deliberately commits murder has some salvation for their soul via the ancient means of seppuku.

19. Educate the children. The theory of any subject has to be known.

20. The country where a child is born decides its nationality.

21. A child is born where it is born and to whom it is born for a reason.

22. Good deeds in one life find reward in the next.

23. As mary, the mother of jesus, (who was a son of god) was chosen, so too was isis the egyptian. She also bore god a son.

24. We are a product of our surroundings. Find your own way.

25. Do not degenerate the aborigines of any land.

26. The mother of the next child of god will come from africa. However, the birth of this child is not without recourse. Mend our ways and he may not be needed.

27. God has been called by various names, these include:- jehovah, yawah and allah. He was known to the leopard people as fadyaaa. His name is still to be found.

28. Children, must have and show respect for others.

29. Adults are not to take advantage of children. They have to set the example.

30. As the individual has rights and responsibilities in and to society, society has its rights and responsibilities from the individual, with neither being too avarice.

31. The key to the future is knowledge. To obtain the knowledge we first must adjust then think outside the square of the known parameters. Only then will the answers be revealed. However, the answers revealed depends entirely on our intention.

32. The fundamental change to christian philosophy is reincarnation.

33. The way of the planet and all of its inhabitants is not fixed. Change and the way must be made by us.

34. Answers to what we seek have been written. We have to find them.

35. Thought and conversation giving sudden insight can leave you with a paradox. Follow your intuition i.e. Follow what you feel is right.

36. The commandments given to moses, did not contain any form of paradox, also some seem similar. However, they are separate and apart with their meaning.

37. Abortion. It is sacrosanct. Change your mind set. We have the various means of contraception - plan ahead. The surgeons will understand. That is why they are a surgeon. (remember that your body is not yours).

38. Why elevate those whom we prescribe to be saints? They were only doing gods work. The clergy is there to guide you. He is accessible to us all. Ask him (god) only he can grant miracles.

39. Sins in one life can find redemption in that life. However, absolution has to be earned and is not negotiable.

40. Spiritually, mentally and morally, we are not ready to have life explained to us. It is not what some think. In this new millenium we will begin to learn. We can begin by finding some ethics.

41. God does not rule without conciliation. He now rules with a council of nine.

42. Look to einsteins works. One is not a theory.

43. We are wrong with our interpretation of history. However, there are works still in existence that will correct us.

44. When god gives you a gift, use it or you will lose it.

45. We (you) are all born equal. It is you who feel that you are above the rest, that needs reminding of the fact that you are not. Think about it. Life is not simply about those who have and those who have not. Collectively, we (you) have to understand that statement and collectively, we have to find the right answers to the problems that the population and this planet has.

46. Jesus was not made aware that he was child of god until half way throught his mission. His writings will confirm this. He also stated that the day be treated as a feast day for eternity. Find them.

47. To the drug dealer. To the manipulators. To all who deal in human suffering. You are guilty as one as is the business man who knowlingly deals with you. The bankers, the builders, you know who you are. Those who realize profit or add to profit from human suffering, need to rethink their agenda.

48. Corporations and banks are nothing but pieces of paper, humans run them. Democratic governments are elected to serve all. Corruption is too rife. How much is enough? What else do you want? You have to solve that equation. Your time in office is short, your life is long, always remember that. It is your decision that is judged not the collective.

49. Evil can be thought away. It's by our actions we can start.

50. God forgives, but, he never forgets.

51. In an ideal society no family should be without housing and fertile land that, as an aid, can help with their sustenance.

52. As you are alive, so is the planet.

53. Everything, the trees, the rain forests, the animals, all are powerful foundations for our continued existence. How large do you want the ozone hole to be? Carbon credits will not solve the problem.

54. There exists parallel realities. All is not well there either.

55. The revelations are about creating a new philosophy. Collectively, it can be done.

56. Do not judge the writer for his actions, or his past. He has been judged. He had, and still has, no choice.

57. The total destruction of japan by earthquake is assured unless we negotiate with the chinese. The damming of the river yangtze (in proximity of a fault line) and the subsequent filling of the dams project, creates a disaster that neither we, nor this planet needs.

58. The punishment for the adage, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, will now be gods retribution.

59. Find the correct use for the large gemstones, do not cut them up. They only bring bad luck to those who worship them.

60. Combine the correct stem cell from a ripe avocado seed with the correct stem cell from both the flowerette and stem of a ripe broccoli, and you will find a cure for cervical and cancer of the uterus.

61. The population of the universe is known.

62. The title of these works are as it was told to me.

63. Gods representative will have license to comment, delete and add to what has previously been written. There will be no exceptions to this revelation.

64. The soul can experience the different races in it incarnations.

65. Both good and evil are in us. Notwithstanding that statement, pure evil is also born.

66. Satan had a father, he was not created.

67. Do not be afraid of death, for the majority it is the beginning of a new life.

68. The soul rests in the earth between its incarnations. (those who are to be reborn).

69. The churches have to find concord. A common aim by you all is needed.

70. Choose a day of a week and treat it as a sunday. If circumstances prevent this (e.g. sports people) acknowledge it by prayer. To those who can afford to, do some work for charity.

71. The monuments that we build to pray in are superfluous to our needs. The thought of , look what i am building to pray to you in god, is stupid when all you need do is open your eyes and see what he has created.

72. God. A name that he would prefer to relinquish. Our creator, supreme being, king, even him is preferable until his name is found.

73. He who created this planet is the same being who has served all the nations since our creation.

74. There has been more than one seer / prophet who has been misunderstood. That is, what has been said and written is not what has been conveyed to the people. Also, a lot of what was written in the old language is not what was translated into the new.

75. Never has it been said or written that god endorses anyone to kill or to wage war on his behalf. Never. Those who proclaim to do so are subject to the law of murder. No one is exempt from this statement.

76. Muslims. Your leaders are leading you astray. No terrorist will be allowed into gods kingdom. Stop your killing of innocent people. Mohammed never promoted nor endorsed such actions.

77. Judaism. You were wrong in the past and you have still got it wrong. You also have to find peace with your neighbours.

78. The book of revelation. A synopsis of what can happen. We (you) can prevent it. How, is up to you (us).

79. It is the individuals (your) journey here on earth, treat it as such, for it's your actions that will decide where you are born next.

80. Paedophilia. Society has the right to call for the castration of any individual convicted of this offence.

81. Forget darwins theory of evolution. An animal is an animal and a human is a human. The only species to leave the water to graze was the turtle.

82. To those who pray to idols and icons, turn them around or destroy them.

83. Art:- treat it as such and it is art.

84. Think something is possible and it just may be so.

85. Logic:- our perception that everything is logical can be discarded, as nothing is logical.

86. Look after those who have looked after you.

87. To all who have committed wilful murder come forward and you will not be subject to the law of seppuku. To those who commit wilful murder, having knowledge of these revelations, you do not have the right to execution until you have taken the first step of the process.

88. To christianity - the writer is the chosen one to judaism and islam - the writer is the next one to the eastern philosophies - the writer is an avatar

89. The Works are also the next Chapter of The Koran, The Torah, The Vedas and all other Written Doctrine (that is the philosophy of God and Creation).