Only when mankind comes to understand that we do not understand life will we ever begin to understand anything.

A cure for +- 80% of Human Cancers including Breast Cancer, Lung, Bowel and Colon Cancers (unfortunately not Skin Cancer) enables me to make that statement. Plus the ability to interpret Dreams and Visions and is the basis for everything else that I will write here.

What I have written is; An Oracle/Revelation. i.e. A Manuscript of prophetic dreams and visions. Unfortunately a subject that has been banished from current thought and confined to ancient history - Fiction? Some will really wish them so. However I assure everyone that they are far from it. Actually some people say that they are a product of ones surroundings or a product of ones imagination - Aspirations by the writer?

My original responses and conversations were that they are anything else But what you proclaim them to be Garry.

Nevertheless mankind's insolence on the subject has been intolerable and if I used the past as a guide, anyone can understand the problems I have had in getting the Revelations known. But I will.

I have tried, I have contacted various members of the media, and these include local, interstate and overseas representatives of Print, Radio and Television in an attempt to find a referee. However, I have had no success.

I refuse to publish a book for profit, as I do not want to be seen or be accused of making 1c from them. Simply because no one would have the moral right to do so.


This is what this expose is all about. Proof of it. Proof of Him (God).

Proof that we are not the result of a pair of hermaphroditic microbes. Actually we are the result of quite the opposite. A huge conundrum isn't it. The majority of people are searching and want proof of creation, however when anyone steps forward, the reaction of the majority is how I expected. A transition of thought is needed. Maybe if I said that our whole problem is that we assume that we are a human being when we are not. Our Soul experiencing the experience, Yes; but it really is something that we have to deal with as we have to reconcile with both thoughts. A huge leap in thinking for the majority but to some, it is not.

There is so much more than being who we are in this life, of that I can assure everyone. So as not to be accused of plagiarism, I will leave that statement adhoc and expand on it at some other time.

1988 - 2002

In excess of 12,000 Prophetic Dreams/Visions and Dreams. Over 5000 of these, that I understand. They commenced early 1988. Initially they were quite innocent, mainly concerning my everyday life i.e. business meetings, then the results of sporting events. (An apprenticeship some may call it),

Then they started to get serious. I started to see (be told) the fate of people. Also accidents and incidents, which was not their fate, that individuals that I know have, then people I know of have. Some with sufficient information to be able to try and prevent what I saw from occurring, which I did. Also future world events, inventions, incidents and scenarios, intermingled with these, the past, and the willful taking of life. I have never at any stage reached a level of tolerance where they do not disturb me. As I experience the experience. Including that of both the victim and the transgressor. And their effect to me is without precedent.

They transcend all of the senses i.e. sight, sound, motion, taste, touch, smell, fear and pain.

Then to have your reality changed and be aware of it, (I need not be asleep and yes, I have had a brain scan) is somewhat daunting to say the least - mentally challenging is a mere understatement.

Also from my visions (and what I read and see reported) other people are also experiencing beyond what some refer to as the paranormal. (some are involved in this scenario and they are aware of it). A subject that Science outwardly is loathed to deal with and currently prefers to shelve as some ingrained self problem. Anything that Science does not understand does not happen. (Are they victims of their own success?)

There is no answer to everything (at our level of understanding). What is fiction to some today is fact tomorrow and what is anyone's fact today can be altered with a contingency clause when something goes wrong with their fact, which was not fact to start with.

Science also has to make a giant leap with its thinking - and eventually will do so, but not before they initially try and disparage me.

Notwithstanding the subject of God. I did write at one stage, how do I prove all of this?

At another stage someone said to me that I had tapped into the sub-conscious of the Universe (anything but God).

What I assume here is, that people are quite happy to accept a concept of floating consciousness but bring Him into the equation and they really cannot handle it - (Why?). I cannot answer for that particular persons thoughts but what the statement did was to instill a greater need (for everyone's sake) for me to give basis to the concept that we were created and expel the theory of evolution and the concept that everything is the result of Mankind's natural progression.

Also (my thoughts) every time that He supplies proof of His existence, the first thoughts (in the past) of Mankind have been either to discredit/censor the proof or eliminate it. Now having said that, this leads me to comment on The Record.

In 1998, I approached a representative of my church (Church of England) with what I had written. (Eighteen Revelations at that stage). I knew at this stage that I had a cure for a disease, but which one I did not know. (I could assume, but assumptions are no good when you are dealing with the establishment). But, I still had to approach them knowing what would happen, but also full well knowing that Science could have solved it then. The reaction was as I expected. However, two things transpired from that meeting i.e. they accepted that people do have visions but he was not prepared to accept that mine were from a Divine source.

God speak to me. I should not even suggest such a notion. Prove it (I couldn't).

It is here that I have to say that I can NOT throw stones. What I have is separate judgments on me i.e. prior to 1988 and a new one commencing now.

There are few Revelations that I will comment on here as I realize that some create more questions than they answer. However, they are as they are and will create the debates that He has intended.

Of those that I will comment on the first is #57 Japan. Japan (as it is now) will be no more if it is allowed to happen. Besides the obvious and the ramifications of it occurring, there is also a second scenario with it and that is, there is a Rogue Bacteria that is lying in the ground in and around Japan, that if it escapes, Science and Asia will not want to face.

I mean it when I say that is one nasty bit of living organism. Hence the whole scenario has to be dealt with, with I hope, common sense prevailing.

In writing I also have to comment on the past, i.e. what has been published and put forward as fact.

I have been told that the translations of the written work from Old Greek through to English and Welsh to English only have sporadic fact.

I understand that our true history is held in private collections. However, what the holders of these works have to realize is this:-

The works are full of conundrums, also if you cannot interpret them now, you never will.

However, there are people who can translate them. As it is only when we understand the past will we begin to understand anything.

An example is Alexandria, Egypt.

Not all of the works were destroyed in the great fire. Always and without exception the writings that affect mankind are kept safe - ending here by saying that the original commandments given to Moses are still in existence and add that it will be interesting to see who finds them and when.

As too, the book written by Jesus - It will also be found (before the former).

History? Some have interpreted it to suit themselves. A statement not made wildly. The next decade will see the start of the corrections and done in an overt manner by people who are not easily swayed by current thought.

In explaining on how I received the Revelations, I will explain it in terms that I hope that everyone can understand. When the Vision is created; His presence is simply made known to you, but the only part of him that you can see are his legs and only from thigh down. It is then impossible to look anywhere else other than at his feet. (You try as I too am curious, but all attempts fail). The majority of the Revelations were spoken. Those that were not, were simply shown to me as to what he wants. The words then come from a thought consciousness on what to write. (An omnipotent feeling of His presence goes with it). On other occasions he is just there in the background as someone from his council (who I refer to as the divinity) advises me of other matters.

So to answer any question (that could be asked) on the words in the Revelation as to whether they are my words or not - the answer is NO.

This overview is in my words and I have had enough trouble in writing this.

With regard to the Oracle. They are simply woven i.e. Dream/Vision or my conscious reality is changed - Ten years of coming to terms with the latter - My thoughts now to a stage of asking; How do you do that? It really does make a change from questioning ones own sanity.

The content of the Oracle (put simply) is a part of a page of a day in either my life, someone else's life, incidents that occur on the planet, plus others. All have a meaning, but some more relevant than others.

Why is not for me to question.

I am not playing God. He is.

Also, I will say that I am not the only instrument being used here. There are others and each should be aware of it by now. If not, you soon will be as I know who you are.


At one stage I put my new awareness on the past only to be told to destroy it. That hurt as I felt that part of me went with it when I did. I burnt it. But by doing so it gave me more mind space to concentrate on what I had to solve in this time frame rather than on what had been written about the past.

But, the main crux of the Oracle is simply what he would like myself and others to do from a period commencing this decade.

Having said that I feel that it is best that I comment here on Revelation #88 - I have not claimed those titles. I was told them. And to everyone, in explaining what an Avatar is, He is simply of His line.

I have been here before, the first being in a time of the Muses. (More than 4000 years ago) Who I was, He will not say. I am not a Guardian of morality. I profess to a balance of reasoning and common sense.

I am here (this time) for an AWAKENING. Some know about me, some do not want me here. However, as I have had no say in the matter, nor do they, adding that I really am not looking forward to it.

I will comment on the experience.

Firstly, I feel that some people's perception of what I should be is out of balance with anyone who has to undertake a similar journey. Some (I assume) think that the journey would be a marvelous mystical sojourn into the unknown. It has been far from that, as it included Hell. To which I assure everyone is a Reality and to which I will comment on by saying - to those who profess that we create our own hell - that philosophy can be discarded.

We can create our own Karma, yes, but that place is as real as the Reality that you are living in now.

It's just that some on this Planet would have us live in a (metaphorically speaking) type of hell.

Also my type of Enlightenment is not what the majority would perceive it to be.

I think differently - yes, but to put those thoughts into context and write them so that you can understand it is another matter. Expanding by saying that I have tried to find a precedent that I could relate to from the past. However, I could not find one that I agreed with. As what has been written does not relate to the Event. Simply because the incumbent realizes what he or she is up against and I assure you that nothing has changed in that advent.

Then to observe how those interpretations have been implemented. My thoughts about the Establishment leave me cold. What were they thinking? Leaves me to ask - how do they think? I really do not understand it.

I will say here that I have not read the Koran nor the Vedas (on purpose), both I believe to be beautifully written and worded. I have read about them. However, the ethos behind both I feel does not include the deliberate killing of another human being, nor does the New Testament for that matter.

So something is dreadfully wrong. Also both the Koran and the New Testament are an interpretation of an interpretation. Both have been manipulated in one form or another. Both with missing chapters and both misrepresented.

The same to be said about the Old Testament.

The Truth over the next decade or so will start to reveal itself and will prove what was and what was not. But, as I cannot prove those words, no one can prove me wrong.

Also every Prophet does have the ability to write his own record and I assure you that those records all exist and are not lost. Even Records written with the aid of a Nail are somewhere on this planet.

It is here that I have to ask this -

Would all of the Religions and Philosophies of this Planet please step back for a period? The majority of you do have access to a facility that will give substantiation to Revelation #60. It will also give substantiation to His request that we stop the killing of anyone, for any reason, especially those who proclaim that they are killing at the behest of Him (God). There is simply too much religious fervour. The number of countries where it is happening is just too many. However, I feel at times that it is not about Religion is it? It is about something else.

Maybe Plato is right - If anyone applied themselves in a manner simply for the betterment of a Nation other than for what they can get out of it for their self. The mindset of those people would have an affect that would filter down through the population, the effect of which would be gargantuan. However, I am not a Philosopher, just the catalyst to start you thinking in a different vein.

There are people who have been born into all of the Nations who have to stand up and do what they are here for. It will take time (100 years or more) however; a new philosophy has to be instilled into the children being born now. And a start is, that there is more to just being who we are now and, as I learn, so (hopefully) will everyone. We can start by trying to bring peace to all on this Planet, also an awareness that at some stage we All will be coming back. So in educating yourself to that, your perception on how to live life should take on a change in the majority of you. A mindset totally different for everyone.

However, on how to do that I must say that we all have a lot to learn.

For example, I will cite some insights from the Oracle. Something prior to now that I was not going to do, as my major concern has always been the Revelations. Then I realized that by documenting some here that it was a start in getting you to think differently. For those who do not understand what an Oracle is, it is simply a synopsis of what can be but in random order. What I have is one giant jigsaw of information that I am attempting to interpret and turn into a Chronicle i.e. a Record of Future events, but in an order that I can understand and relate to.

How I do that is simply by thinking, nothing else. I just think. My thought processes having had to translate anywhere up to 9 experiences per day, which is daunting and also harrowing to say the least. As I do get told when I have the interpretation correct, conversely I am also told when I have them wrong. They are never corrected for me; it is a continual thought process on my part until I have solved what I was meant to. I will say this though, that if the Vision concerns Humanity it is replayed in slow motion, hence there is little to interpret. But the process just goes on an on.

I will only discuss some of them here, as I am only too wary of censorship. I will not use names, however those people to whom I have either spoken or written to, will see themselves here.

The first was crystal clear and there was little to interpret and came to me over several weeks.

1. A male that I know has his own aircraft, which he uses for business purposes.

How it commenced was - I was shown his plane coming into land at a particular airport and as the plane touched down, his port undercarriage collapsed causing the plane to veer off the runway, its wing digging into the ground causing the plane to cartwheel and catch fire.

The vision then kept expanding the next night by explaining that the reason the undercarriage collapsed was because of damage to a linkage in the landing gear.

It then explained as to how that particular part was damaged and showed me the plane landing on a short bush airstrip. The problem here was that either the runway was too short or the planes approach speed was too great as he came to the end of the runway, the only way he could stop the plane was by applying the brakes to one particular side of the plane and slew it around. The act of doing this put great pressure on a particular part of the plane, which damaged it.

The result of a few more landings by the plane added more pressure on to the now defective part and on this occasion, as the plane landed, the part gave way causing the undercarriage to collapse.

The next week I was told where the plane was coming from when it crashed.

2. A Male

The Vision was simply of a Coroners Court meeting, with the Coroner handing down a verdict that the reason he crashed was that he had too much air pressure in his car tyres.

When I had this vision it was +/- 12 months before he bought his first car. However, one particular day (he had bought the car) he was going for a trip +/- 400 k's north of Perth, when a thought came to me to ask about the air pressure content of his tyres, so I did. His response was 44 p.s.i.

The temperature that day in Perth was going to be +/- 38C (100F), where he was going it would have been in excess of 44C (Hot), the road straight and cruising speed, as is by most young males, as fast as he can get away with.

I then told him the little I knew about Physics, the result being that he let his tyres down to a reasonable level.

3. A Female and two children.

It was simple a car accident at a junction where roads meet. Her car hit by another vehicle with a faulty brake system. The driver of this car obviously having no control over it.

I have never been able to solve the "when" here and this has caused me more problems (personally) than I will ever reveal, so I will leave it at that.

4. A Male and a boat.

The vision was simply him on a boat in Indonesia. They hit a reef and the boat sank but with no loss of life.

At the time of having this I think I was going to Sydney N.S.W. for some other reason. However, I told a close friend of his about it, as I was not aware of his whereabouts. I gave the message to put a reef finder on the boat i.e. a device that is similar to an echo sounder but instead of it reading the sea bottom it reads near the surface and is supposed to give warning of pending danger. At this stage he had one boat. On moving to Indonesia he bought a second boat. It was this boat that he was on when the reef was hit. The only loss being the boat and some pride. The irony here was that they knew that they were in the vicinity of the reef but they still hit it.

Now whether they had a reef finder on that boat is irrelevant. All I knew was that he was on a boat (of his) that sank in Indonesia.

5. Two Males are delivering a boat to Queensland x Western Australia.

The boat sinks off Cape York Peninsular. Why, I do not know, all that I know is that they have no avenue of attracting rescue (that works) or saving themselves.

6. A Female.

Wins a substantial amount of money x lotto. She buys her male friend a high performance motorcar, which he loses control of (in wet conditions) to the detriment of 4 people in another vehicle.

7. A Boat Fire Western Australia.

The result of someone sleeping on board and falling asleep whilst smoking. (A male and female),

8. A Male Western Australia.

Is hit on the back of the head by the boom of a very fast yacht that has involuntarily gybed whilst racing in an event on the East Coast of Australia.

Only those involved in ocean racing would understand the dynamics involved here. As when a large racing yacht gybes, the forces generated when that boom goes across, with a human head in the wrong place at the wrong time! The result does not bear thinking about especially, as in this case, the breeze is really right in and no gybe was planned.

9. A Male - N.S.W. country town.

Single, comes into contact with the Aids Virus via a married female who contracted it from a one night stand.

10. A Female - N.S.W. country town.

Comes into contact with the same virus.

11. Female Perth W.A.

Wins a substantial amount of money via lotto. She feels that the money will solve all of her problems. It doesn't. (There are 2 messages here).

The following are about people that I know of and where possible I wrote to them.

The Events/Scenarios are simply that, adding that if I knew more I would say so.

1. A Female Sydney N.S.W. (Single) meets (I think for the first time) a male American Actor.

He has come into contact with the worst case of the Aids Virus (I do not feel that he is aware that he has it). She becomes a carrier.

From memory I sent a terribly worded letter as I was going through a bad stage of coming to terms with this Gift of mine (mind you I still am), but I was fighting with myself on whether to send the letter or not.

2. A Male - Melbourne, Victoria (single) comes into contact with the Aids Virus. A female whose name is unknown to me is the carrier. He meets a popular female from Western Australia. She then becomes a carrier. She then passes it on to some better-known Victorian males.

I wrote to the first male concerned (again I feel that I could have worded it better). I could not contact the female from Western Australia.

3. A Female American Actress. The penchant that a film director has for authenticity in filming results in a film scene being shot in the ocean. A shark takes the actress.

4. Western Australia. A White Ant plague so severe that any type of wood that can be infected will not be allowed east of the Escarpment. This happens after the wettest summer period ever in Perth.

5. Daughter of a Heart Surgeon - N.S.W. She is experiencing the Paranormal, which no one around her understands. She needs correct guidance.

6. Female - Macksville Northern N.S.W. Same as 5

7. Marine Farmed Prawns (Western Australia). The prawn is susceptible to a disease that when passed on to humans can be fatal. Apparently the prawn catches the disease from microbes that are released from the earth. Now whether a barrier placed between the water and the earth will help, I have not received a reply to (common sense might help). There are no problems with the prawns caught in their natural environment other than the problems caused to those who are allergic to them. You might begin to understand the problems I am going to have as (to my knowledge), this establishment is yet to be built.

8. This is to the Fisheries of Australia. There is a species of mullet that is native to the Philippines that, if introduced to the waterways where there is a European Carp problem, it will solve the native fish imbalance. Especially it will aid the Murray Cod and the Cods stocks will return if done (this fish is also edible). I have tried to obtain something for the problems associated with the Queensland Cane Toad. However, all I have been told is that it will reach Darwin.

Everything else that I am aware of leaves me open to litigation so I cannot document them here.

I should comment on today's litigious society but I will not. As there are problems that we have to deal with ourselves and this is one of them.

I will say this here though. The majority of what I know does affect humans and in a fatal manner. Some are as the result of Stupidity but some are as a result of Greed. How I deal with them I have not quite yet reached a conclusion on, but I will, somehow.

The Wilful Taking of Life (murder).

I find it hard to write about these (I have never even discussed them). It's just that I have seen too many instances of them. Also the mental and physical stress I get from them is indescribable as with the exception of one, there really is little that I can do about them.

I have been shown ritual killings that are still happening in various countries on this planet. All for a purpose. I assure you that you really do not know what evil is until you are shown it.

I have also been shown various cases in Australia, The United States of America, China and England where humans are involved in thrill killings and their numbers are just too numerous. Also I do have to say this: On this plane of existence it would be impossible to convict anyone of wilful murder without tangible evidence. So how I deal with these I really do not know, but I will.

Some do come to trial on this plane (which I suggest that you do) as judgement here would be preferable to judgement elsewhere.

I will also say this here:- I have felt at times, and this is the one of many, that it would be a far easier exercise (for me) just to leave these writings with someone and just go - anywhere. As it has been hard enough living to even get to this stage (knowing what I have to face and have done already).

I assure you that no one would willingly do it, knowing that other forces than that of mankind are involved and forces to the majority, which would be treated as pure fiction. However, it's just that I feel that this is the first time that I can put everything into a perspective that I hope everyone can understand. (I also look at the current mindset of people and the state of the planet) and relate to.

To give basis to what I have written so far I will now comment further on #60 of the Revelations (Some of the human cancers). That Cure does cure other forms of both female and male cancers, to which Science is quite able to test for. My problem being that if I named one here that it does not cure I would feel for those people concerned.

I can also say that when used correctly that the new cell is harmless to other healthy human cells.

I have also been told that numerous other medicines etc. have been given to Science via dreams, also various processes, Aspirin, Penicillin, the process of extracting radium to name a few. Along with countless inventions.

The Cure is not given free.

It is given in substantiation to a book of Revelation and will lend credence to what I will write later. Along with scenarios that I will not discuss here, as they are something else, though a small insight to them plus personal observations and experience leaves me with a poor opinion of the Human Being. (Don't worry as I include myself). We really are a selfish lot and I have no compunction to expand further on that statement. Could I ask that we try to find some respect for each other? Respect the right of another human being to live their life in peace free from mind games, free from hunger and treatment for disease.

There are those who profess to care but use empty words (apathy). Those who do care do do something about it but are constrained by too many obstacles in carrying out what needs to be done. Find a balance: There is no right to everything using our current mindset.

Stop Stealing. That one act would start a change so great that the benefits would be incalculable. I will also elaborate by saying that we need a mindset of not setting out to steal. Could we do it?

The Revelations

I do understand the ramifications of them, but change has to come to this Planet and currently there is not one philosophy amongst the many that will ensure that it eventually does come. As there are too many conflicts of interest in all areas by vested parties whose agendas have to be questioned.

I do not make that statement lightly and give justification to it by pointing to all areas of conflict on this Planet also to where the populations of nations are ruled by coercement.

In the past it has been said that Politics and Religion do not mix i.e. out of bounds to each other. (I will not expand further).

It is time for a reversal of thinking, as Everyone is subject to the Rules of Life. No one is exempt from them (Why is it that the persona of a human being changes when they gain control over anything?)

Call them a balance sheet i.e. a set of principles that one can use as a guide. Humans that govern have a megalithic task ahead of them. Currently no one has an answer to any conflict or imbalance on Earth other than throw a bomb or fire a bullet at it. Aid given to nations unfortunately ends up in some bank on the planet where the account holder can do anything with it other than what it was meant for.

There is an answer and the Answer is in the Revelations. Convince the Spin Doctors (I do not know what that translates to in Eastern thought) and the change will start. Convince the Radicals, The Despots and those who promote martyrdom (through terrorism) and ask that they step aside.

Democracy, in its true form surely a fair system for everyone. Change has to and must come. Also whilst I am asking for change, you could have been told. i.e. you could have had someone else here who does not see both sides of anything. I do, which is to everyone's advantage. But having said that, everyone has some decisions to make. Some will not like what they decide but those decisions have to be made and on a Global basis. A will and a concerted effort by all is what is required.

I have sent the Revelations to both Archbishops of the Catholic and Anglican Churches in Perth. The Japanese and also the Greek Orthodox church have them. Also to representatives of the Islamic and Jewish communities in Perth. The Japanese have to #88.

The Catholic Church did acknowledge receipt of them.

They had to be sent, even though I knew that it might place me in a predicament. However that is something else, but I do have to deal with it.

I feel that we all have to change our mindset.

Find our Heart Charka, project some empathy, show some compassion and choose the right words in an argument. Somehow find a balance of opinion that excludes solving problems as we do now.

Enough is enough.

How? I will use words by someone else (J. Bachofen) who this person is I do not know but I feel that they were meant to be here. They are:-

It is no paradox but a great truth borne out by all of human history that mankind progresses only with a reversal of thinking and a clash of opposites.

I will also say that one person can only be a catalyst for that change needing a collective consciousness to implement that change.

An AWAKENING to a realization that everything that you do is known, even the mindset of why you are doing it.

Also to give that statement credence I will cite my experience plus the nineteen examples I have used from the Oracle.

Peace and understanding will come but only through discussion and a type of rationalization that is different to now. Also a full comprehension of cause and effect by oneself.

Cause War through terrorism on this planet and you could be born next where the same situation as today arises, but you become the victim.

Cause Misery to anyone in this life and you will be the victim in your next life.

Be a drug dealer and you will have misery 10 times more than your victims and their families suffer now.

Be a company director who extorts any nation to the detriment of its aborigines for the sake of excess profit and your next life will be ensured in a similar situation. Where you will understand what your previous actions caused.

Falsely accuse anyone of a crime or act and you will face judgement as having committed that crime.

Be anyone who voluntarily transfers funds out of any country at the behest of an insurgent and you will suffer in your next life as those suffer now because of your actions.

The same to be said for anyone who derives profit from crime or simply put, Greed for Greeds sake.

Wealth? It is how you earn it that is important. We cannot have anarchy. Practical benevolence (Philanthropy) is to anyone's advantage (both to the Philanthropist and the Receiver).

Judgement: We all face it. If anyone sees themselves in the few situations that I have mentioned here, you can simply stop and attempt to balance the scales in the time you have left. How is up to you, but believe me I would try, as the effect of you doing so would not only be of benefit to yourself, but to everyone else.

I feel that I have said enough here other than attempt to reconcile with the young and those who feel that they have been poorly done by in this life.

The reason for life is simply that - LIFE

Also, being a human is a part of the evolution of you to something else.

The planes of existence are numerous, some incalculably worse than this reality, others superior to this one.

Please understand that being born where you have been born is no accident and you must accept that.

Also (metaphorically speaking) if you are reading this now as someone who digs a ditch, you could be reading the same words in 150 years time as a Surgeon. Conversely, a Surgeon could be reading this now as such, but in 150 years time be reading this as someone who digs a ditch. The decisions you make and how you treat another human all being weighed in the big circle of life.

Where would you rather be - on a plane of existence where there is nothing but sand, asking what you did to deserve it, or here with the facilities available to get you out of digging a ditch.

Either way, the choice is yours.

To those who feel that their next life would be digging ditches, I assure that it would not be in this reality. You would have to earn your way back to it.

Fail there and you could lose the avenue of being reborn. But, you could start your redemption now.

So to the external conundrum i.e. the Mystery of Life is just that, even to me. However your aim should be the same as mine and that is, simply to try and find out.

I cannot explain this any simpler than how I have written it. Anything that I wrote in volume when condensed, would have exactly the same meaning, but as I have said, as I learn so will you.

There are also so many people of whom I am aware who are experiencing the paranormal (what Science does not understand). Individuals from Perth, San Francisco, New York, London, Wales, Dublin, Auckland, The West Indies, South America, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Norway, Denmark and others and all with a purpose.

There is very little in print that can help you. If you cannot solve the experience yourself than I suggest that you try to find a Teacher. However, they do not advertise, you have to find each other. Also saying that, any Teacher would be aware of any Student being sent to them. But, be careful, as a student you would have to recognize your Teacher, as evil can purport itself in the vernacular.

Nothing has changed, 4000 years and they still want to know what you know. They had it but lost it (it was taken away). Search among the Aborigines of the country where you were born as they were born to teach.

If at any stage I can help I will. However, unfortunately at this stage that is out of my control as my priorities lie elsewhere (for a period of time). When I can help I will. At some stage, I feel that what is classed as the Paranormal will be included into every child's education as a subject at school. Call it a Life subject. As their perception as to what is will be totally different to what ours was, needing a stabilizing effect on them.

As, as knowledge can be given, the past has shown that it can also be taken away. But, as our development as a human now requires us to proceed, we cannot afford to make the mistakes of the past and the children have to be made aware of this.

As those in the past thought for some archaic reason that they knew everything. Thinking way beyond a set of parameters culminating in a backlash so severe that it has taken us eons to recover.

Life and knowledge is a progression of learning. Accept that and go with it. If something is meant to be in this life it will be - please understand that.

For everyone's curiosity and for relevance I will provide some background on myself and a synopsis of the journey.

Prior to 1988 NEVER had I ever had even a wisp of a dream. Some say that we all dream and that I must have dreamt but did not remember them - I could not relate to that statement then (I do now, but in a different vein).

However, I used to be involved in the finance industry. Arranging commercial loans for business, also loans for boats, cars, trucks etc. For nearly four years I was able to handle the experience, but the number of them then increased twofold.

I was being assailed at 2,3,4 am. with what I refer to as a television programme that I had no choice but to watch. To say that it affects your well being is an understatement, as the effect can and has, killed people. My health suffering badly. You see the experts! on the subject. They cannot help as they dream/think differently.

Nothing can help. They came straight through any barrier that I tried to put up. Hence I came to the conclusion that I just had to survive.

In 1992 I put together a loan, which was simple in its structure (in finance terms). However, I assumed something when I should not have. (The loan was approved within the time frame required but settlement , which was out of my control, was outside the contract). The loan was settled (with no loss to anyone) but my reasoning was being taken away from me. As I was at another level with my experience, I was now experiencing them whilst in a conscious state.

I had a decision to make i.e. I knew that as an employee I would be useless to anyone and it was not a matter of (metaphorically speaking) dropping out, I really had no choice.

In 1995 I damaged my knee severely requiring surgery. However, this was unsuccessful in its entirety as the leg can lock when I do not walk correctly. (When it does lock I get a build up of fluid from bashing it back in). I have since been told that my knee will need replacing. I can walk but I have to suffer the consequences intermittently when I do so.

However - I have not lived my life in this period how I would like to have had. As separate to the experience I also have personal problems (just like everyone else) compounding as each year goes by. Somehow, I will sort them out.

I really do enjoy the sleep that I do get. As when the process comes in (say at 3 am) my mind switches from sleep mode to problem solving. You then attempt to catch up with sleep in the pm. However the process is continual and starts again. So to put it quite bluntly; it plays havoc with you. Could I have handled the past 10 years any differently? The answer is no. Will I handle the coming years differently? The answer here is yes, but that has different scenarios as well, which I will deal with as they present themselves.

In ending, my thoughts and conclusions would equal a tome plus. What I have written here is suffice to say (for now) sufficient for my initial purposes i.e. for Everyone's awareness. I have not finished the Revelations (not my words), as my concern now lies with the Oracle in which are events/scenarios that I do have to deal with simply for Humanities sake.

However, how I deal with these is something else.

Expanding by saying that there is a Selected group of people from various countries who are to meet with a distinct purpose. Who these people are is irrelevant at this stage, as I am only documenting it here for the record -

This group's main purpose is to bring a new consciousness and awareness of acceptance and understanding of life than that of the past. A philosophy that can bring the aforementioned to every one, of what can be and what you can do. But that is leading to the Mystical, which is something totally different. I have to end and its best that it is here. I apologise for concluding by saying something that supplies no answer. However, that is how I started. There is no answer to everything.

The Big bang? A theory. There is in excess of one billion galaxies out there; How many stars? The majority of it all created.

Even with my understanding, I cannot get my mind around it all. However, if one did, I feel that the curiosity would end and I feel that if that ended, you could just end up by being perplexed, which is not how everything should be. Is it?

Date: 23rd of December 2002